Paulo nunes

Front-end Developer • Syndicatefx

A onepage personal profile boilerplate template to use with Harpjs.

About Me

Get instructions on how to install and use harpjs.

The static web server with built-in preprocessing. Harp serves Jade, Markdown, EJS, CoffeeScript, Sass, LESS and Stylus as HTML, CSS & JavaScript—no configuration necessary.

Get Started

Download or clone this template from the github repo.

Folder Structure

  • harp.json
  • public
    • css (includes minified + unminified style.css)
    • img (all image assets go here)
    • _partials (template blocks)
    • 404.jade (the ol' 404 error page)
    • (what you are reading right now)
    • layout.jade (the main layout)


Edit harp.json to add Contact and Social Networks, your name, job title, site name, background image url and other important meta information. If you're using Google Analytics, you can activate it by changing "analytics" to true and adding your unique account ID.

On the social network links, only the ones you provide an url for will be displayed. I've provided only 8 options here, but you can always add your own icons and other social networks by editing public/_partials/aside.jade

The same goes for user_company and user_phone, they will only show if you provide a value.

Edit the public/ file to insert long form content about you or what ever you want, in markdown format, it will show up in this slide-in section.

Don't forget to replace the images in public/img/ with your own:

  • avatar.jpg (keep same name + ext)
  • favicon.ico
  • apple-touch-icon.png
  • og_image.gif
  • bg.jpg (or what ever you entered in harp.json configuration)

If you want to change the design or edit the page's layout, you can always adventure into the public/css and public/_partials folders and explore.

Thats it, compile with harpjs and upload contents of generated www/ folder to your server.

Let me know how or where you're using it, hit me up @syndicatefx